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From the Sony Pictures Studios, it's "America's game"...


Wheel of Fortune is the second-longest running game show on television right now (second only to The Price is Right) and still going strong.  Since the 1970's, Wheel of Fortune has graced television sets across America, on NBC, CBS, and in syndication.  In fact, there is even a live version played in Las Vegas.  No wonder they call it "America's Game"!

In order to win cash and prizes, all you have to do is spin a wheel and guess a letter.  It's that simple.  As long as you don't guess a letter that's not there, or hit "Lose a Turn" or "Bankrupt", you're good as gold, on your way to a shot at the bonus round, with the famous R-S-T-L-N-E combination, and three more consonants and one more vowel of your own choice.

Come learn about Wheel of Fortune, it's history, and the way it works in my own personal tour for you of the show that's kept America spinning since 1975...


Please note that the pictures shown on this site are from an episode of "Big Money Week" at Wheel of Fortune, where they took the term quite literally, showing large replicas of American money on the set.

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