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As if you didn't see enough pictures of Wheel of Fortune to satisfy you until the show comes on again on the rest of this site, here's some more pictures of "Big Money Week" at Wheel of Fortune...

Yes, it's "Big Money Week" at Wheel of Fortune - literally.

What would Wheel of Fortune be without Vanna?  Here, she goes to assume her position at the puzzle board.

Can you guess what the preview puzzle is?

It's EXIT POLL.  And remember what Pat told us... if you get asked an exit poll, lie to 'em.

Vanna is captain of the puzzle board, as she reveals the letters to the contestants and to the home audience.

The picture of Vanna White in the lower right-hand corner of the above picture set was edited and included in the popular "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" Shockwave animation.

Vanna watches intently as a contestant gets ready to spin the wheel...

Time is running out, and so now it's time for the speed-up round!

A trip to Vegas is on the wheel!  Wouldn't that be a treat!

Remember that Wheel of Fortune is a WebTV Interactive Program!  Fire up your WebTV units, and prepare to interact!

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