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Sights & Sounds

All audio and video clips are in RealPlayer format.  To download RealPlayer, click here.

  Audio Clips
Show Intro
Show Ending
Anne's famous phrase "You ARE the Weakest Link   Goodbye!"
Anne asks a contestant how comfortable they are.
"Who alas is not burdened with intelligence?"
"Answering only one question correctly is 'Great'?"
"Let's Play The Weakest Link!"
"Let's Play The Weakest Link...Start the Clock!"
Survivor Episode:  The castaways vote off Richard.
  Video Clips
Show Promo 1 (from tv.zap2it.com56K  300K
Show Promo 2 (from tv.zap2it.com56K  300K
Show Promo 3 (from tv.zap2it.com56K  300K
Show Promo 4 (from tv.zap2it.com56K  300K
Show Promo 5 (from tv.zap2it.com56K  300K
Show Promo - Fear Factor Contestants (from tv.zap2it.com56K  300K
Show Promo - Twice a week and Brady Bunch Special
Show Promo - NewsMakers Episode (from 56K  300K
Show Promo - Halloween Special (from 56K  300K
Show Promo - Comedians Edition III (from 56K  300K
Show Intro
Halloween Special Intro
Newsmakers Special Intro
Classic TV Child Stars Intro
Show Ending
Meeting the Team
Anne explains the rules
Typical Round
Voting off a contestant
Head to Head Shootout
Local NBC affiliate's interview with a former Weakest Link Contestant
U.K. Version - Vote off (from 56K  300K
Weakest Link/Survivor TV Show Parody (commercial for a local fast food restaurant)
Featured Show Clips
August 20, 2001
August 27, 2001
September 3, 2001
September 9, 2001
September 10, 2001
September 24, 2001 - Brady Bunch Special
September 30, 2001 - World Trade Center Benefit
October 1, 2001
October 14, 2001 Clip #1  Clip #2
October 21, 2001
October 22, 2001
October 28, 2001
October 29, 2001 - TV Show Hosts
November 4, 2001
November 11, 2001
November 18, 2001
November 26, 2001 - Star Trek Cast  Clip #1  Clip #2
Survivor Celebrity Special
First Round
Joel has a problem answering his question.
Comedians Celebrity Special
Aisha surprises Anne with a correct answer
Anne is very nice to George when he gets voted off
A stupid answer from Kathy
A stupid answer from Rob
"What is the use of repeating what I ask you?"
Rob argues with Anne over an answer
The celebrities act up during the vote.
Rob gets voted off and Anne get a little more than she expected.
Brady Bunch Celebrity Special
Show Intro
Anne might not get excited but Maureen does.
Anne might not get excited but Maureen does once again.
Chris surprises Anne with a correct answer on a music question.
Final Vote Off - The kids vote off 'Mom'


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