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Interview with Scot Savage

Scot appeared on the April 30th episode.  Check out Scot's website at


Have you always been interested in game shows?

I have loved gameshows my entire life. My favorite thing about being sick when I was a kid was getting to stay home from school and watch hours of game shows. (remember when game shows were on every channel every weekday from 9am till noon)? I watched them all and still do when I stop by the game show network.  I told my friends game show would return a few year's ago, I had no idea they would be in prime time for big money.  

What made you interested in being a contestant on Weakest Link?

That's a funny question.  I wasn't interested in the WEAKEST LINK.  I had never even heard of the Weakest Link. It was mid March when a friend of mine called and told me there were try outs for a new show the following day. The show didn't air until April 16th.  We decided to meet at my place at noon. We didn't even know the name of the show.  We arrived early and found a girl taking names.  We charmed her enough for her to tell us a little bit about the show.  It was then we found out it was a quiz show with a Survivor twist.  I thought that was cool since I had become friends with Sue Hawk from Survivor one and I was a bit of a trivia nerd.  

What steps were involved to become a contestant on the show?

We were given an application to fill out about our person life and finally
an oral test
of 15 questions.  It was while the contestant producers were going over our test and application that they showed us about 5 minutes of a tape of the show from England. My first glimpse of Anne on the tape made my heart skip a beat.  The show fascinated me from the first second they pushed the play button.

What happened behind the scenes from when you arrived at the studio until taping began?

It was the scariest thing I ever did.  My game started a week before I flew to LA. I spent a whole afternoon making tye dye t shirts to bring with me to he show. My plan was to play the stupid tye dye guy who brought these t shirts to give away to the others just as a good will gesture.  In reality, I figured, "How could they vote off the tye dye guy after he gave them a cool tye dye t shirt" I had on my game face from the minute the plane landed. I was gonna pretend to be a stupid tye dye maker. No one knew I was a REALTOR who made tye dye as a hobbie/side business.

I was the last plane to arrive and was checked out hard by the others when I climbed into the van.  I felt at a disadvantage right away.  I didn't want to be the one that held up the others.  The rest had already gotten to know each others names, where they were from and other personal items.  I had some catching up to do and got started right away. Guess you could tell from my show "I'm not shy"

The group grew to about 12 people at the hotel, and it was there we found out we were going to be separated into an AM and PM show.  I found out I was going to on the afternoon team.  Almost all of the 12 were slotted for the afternoon show. The contestant coordinators also mentioned that 12 were brought to LA for both shows and only 8 will be selected.

12 very freaked out strangers set out on an adventure in search of food and fun. (pictures can be seen of the pre-game fun on my web site) We went to dinner and then took a subway ride followed by a walk of Hollywood and the Walk of Fame.  I laughed inside on the walk of fame because the next day most would be walking the walk of shame.  As the night got later some people started calling it a night.  As they left I felt the group getting closer and closer.  At LAST CALL there were 4 of us and I thought to myself, "were these the final 4 for the show too?"  

I could hardly sleep.  I was up at am pacing the hotel room.  I went downstairs about 8am only to see the morning contestants loading into the vans with the dark tinted windows that picked us up the day before.  After a pricey breakfast buffet I returned to the room and got ready for the show.  I hung out in the lobby and was questioned about the pervious nights activities from the contestants that left the group early in the night. (the paranoia was very high in some contestants, Richard was the most paranoid) At 2PM the mysterious vans retuned and picked up a bunch of good-looking people wearing nice clothes.  We were taken to NBC and had a make up and hair session with some cool ladies. There were 4 people in the room when we arrived.  These were the 4 that were not chosen for the first show.  They were being added to our contestant pool.  We were now 16 people and only 8 were going to be selected.  I stayed focused and positive and kept playing the dumb guy. I even mentioned I hope you guys don't vote off the dumb tye dye guy first.  I said out load a dumb person might be easier to beat in the end.  

We were offered dinner about 5pm.  After dinner we all met with the producers for one last one on one face to face meeting.  It was during this meeting the final 8 were picked.  They brought in a small fishbowl with small pieces of paper in it.  One producer reached in the bowl and read out the names one at a time.  I almost peed when they said SCOT 6.  

The chosen 8 were escorted into the studio.  We saw the set for the first time and it was then they asked me if I had any tye dye t shirts with me.  I said Hell Ya and they said for me to change from my monkey suit and put on a tye dye.  (later I was told they picked the tye dye guy, not the uncomfortable looking guy in a tye) my fellow team mates sorda cheered when they told me to change.  I was back in 5 minutes wearing the shirt I wore on the show.

What was your impression of Anne Robinson and the behind the scenes people?

I was fascinated by Anne.  However my only interaction with Anne was what you saw on TV.  When she wasn't asking questions or yelling at us she was gone.The more she yelled at me the more I wanted her!  They contestant coordinators and producers were great.  They took super care of us.  They knew we were all freaked out and did their best to keep us calm.

Were you somewhat upset at the way Anne Robinson was talking to you and the other contestants?   

Heck No.  The more she yelled at me the more I wanted her. (do I need concealing) I couldn't believe how close to tears a fellow team member was brought to when she yelled at him the first and only time she mentioned his name outside of a question round. The comments made by Anne were far more humorous than upsetting, she's the best!

How well do you feel the show will do here in the US?

America loves a train wreck.  This show is right on track!  Almost every comment I have heard about the show is positive. Everyone seems to love the show and Anne. After the show, my Mom wanted to kick Anne's ass because of how she treated her baby, but I calmed her down.  ( Isn't that sweet?)

What was going through your mind while the other contestants were
answering their questions? When they were revealing their vote?

I knew about every other question.  I couldn't believe how stupid some of these other people were.  It was a pleasure voting off a couple of them.  The gym owner and the DJ were stupid, Candice and her "Mary" answers were because she froze.  Even though she deserved to be the first one off I didn't vote for her because she was one of the final four partiers the night before.  I voted Yvonne which was great cause she voted for me and when I got to reveal my vote it was sorda like a big HA BITCH, BACK AT YA.

What advice would you give people going on the show?

Be yourself.  Write down interesting things about you on the application and wear something that you will stand out in. If your stupid, boring and ugly just stay home and watch Jerry Springer for your relatives again.  

Were you upset by being voted off when you were not the weakest link in that round or any previous rounds?

I was playing to win and it hurt to be voted off.  I swore to myself I would play my best game and never say I DON'T KNOW.  I had a few GO TO ANSWERS in case I was stumped because I figured it would look better at vote time to be the player who at least says something without burning the clock. PASS AND I DON'T KNOW were never going to be an answer. I had no intention of ever being the weakest link. I felt I should have been the strongest link the last round I played because I answered 2 of the 3 questions and I was the only player to bank, but nooooooooooo. The part that hurt the worse was Andrea voting me off.  We partied the night before and I would have taken her to the final round with me if she didn't burn me there. Her vote broke my heart and it was then I knew my game was over. As for the Helen vote, I expected it. I think I scared her with my knowledge after playing the stoner from Vegas and then answering the cube root of 1,000.  What she said about not liking my shirt as out of line since she had 3 of my tye dye t shirts in her bag back in the green room cause she asked me for one for her room mate and boyfriend.  After giving her 3 shirts she says she votes for me because of my shirt, what a bitch huh?

The girls (Andrea and Helen) and I all hugged at the hotel later that night and both the girls told me they thought I was playing them and that's why they voted me off.  They said I looked smarter than the doctor and they decide it was time to take out the smartest one.  (that's the same reason I voted for the doctor while the girls voted me out).  The Karma gods ended up screwing the girls for screwing the tye dye guy and the doctor won the money.

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