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International Weakest Link

The United States and the UK aren't the only countries to be invaded by Weakest Link.  Below is some information about some other international Weakest Link shows (information and pictures from BBC website)

New Zealand New Zealand - NEW!

Louise Wallace The Weakest Link is hitting New Zealand in mid-July. Journalist and actor Louise Wallace is donning the Anne Robinsonesque black clothes, fresh from a not dissimilar role as Judge Ariana Saunders on the hit New Zealand drama series, "Street Legal."

The show's New Zealand Executive Producer, Darryl McEwen told us, "Louise will be the meanest woman on television. The host is the undoubted star of the show. The tougher she is, the better."

The show will air on TV One.

Ireland Ireland - NEW!

Ireland is gearing up its own version of Weakest Link, and for the first time ever, the show will not be hosted by a frightening woman.

Eamon Dunphy Eamon Dunphy will be the host for the Irish show. He's a household name in Ireland, appearing regularly on radio and television. Admitting to being an addict of Anne Robinson's version of the show for the BBC, the Weakest Link will be his first foray into the world of light entertainment and he welcomes the challenge. Eamon's own general knowledge is pretty good, but he found he didn't fare too well at the few pub quizzes he attended!

Who is Eamon Dunphy?
Eamon was born in 1945 just north of Dublin. In his youth, Eamon was a professional footballer for English teams including Manchester United, and was capped for Ireland 23 times. Back then, he always dabbled in journalism but in 1979 he began working full time in TV, Radio and Print, writing books, and covering both sport and news and current affairs.

Eamon tells us he looks forward to taking on the Irish 'experts' on the Weakest Link, which will begin transmission in mid-September on TV3.

Australia Australia

Aussie contestants have to face Anne Robinson look-alike Cornelia Frances. Like her British counterpart, Cornelia doesn't mince her words. The show has been inundated with complaints about her rudeness, but for Cornelia it's all water off a duck's back. She says,'If people think I'm a bitch in real life then so be it. I know I'm not - although I can be...'

Cornelia Frances Looks familar?
Cornelia's no stranger to the small screen, and villains are her speciality. She's been in The Young Doctors, Sons and Daughters and Prisoner - Cell Block H. But most viewers will remember her for her role as a real nasty piece of work, Morag Bellingham, in Home and Away.


Sonja Zietlow The Weakest Link has really taken off in Germany too. When looking for a presenter, execs at German station RTL were in no doubt what they were looking for: 'We know of your Anne Robinson' a spokesman said. 'We were looking for someone with the same character.'
Former talk show host, Sonja Zietlow fitted the bill. She was already well known for her tough-talking style, and - best of all - she had naturally red hair! What more could you ask for?

Holland Holland

Chazia Mourali Dutch TV has just been hit by the Weakest Link phenomenon too. Former news reporter Chazia Mourali had to dye her hair red for the role. Like the other presenters, she isn't planning to give her contestants an easy ride. 'Chazia is going to shock a lot of people', say Dutch channel RTL4. Watch out Holland!

Belgium Belgium

Belgians beware: the Weakest Link is hitting your screens in September. It will be screened twice a week, in a prime time slot on Belgian channel VTM. Watch this space for more news.

And that's not all...
We can reveal that BBC Worldwide has also licensed 'The Weakest Link' to the following channels around the world:
Mediaset, Italy
TF1 France
SRT Turkey
TVNZ New Zealand
NRK Norway
City TV Canada
Latin America- across 23 countries: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Republica Dominica, Peru, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, French Guyana, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Surinam and Guyana.

BBC Worldwide is currently negotiating with broadcasters in South Africa, Singapore, India, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, Spain, and Denmark.

Format deals around the world are estimated to be worth in the region of 30m over the next five to ten years. Looks like there's no chance of Weakest Link disappearing in a hurry!

This site is not affiliated with the game show's producers or the National Broadcasting Company. All material on this site is property of their respective owners. There is no claim to ownership being made through these pages, either expressed or implied.


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