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How the Game is played

The show starts with eight contestants, who will answer questions in a rapid pace.  The players work as a team to answer the questions in the specified time limit.  A correct answer will add money to the group's pot. An incorrect answer drains the pot completely.  At the end of each round, one person is voted off as 'The Weakest Link'

The best way to describe the details of this process is by the information from the FAQ below (from

What happens during a round?
bulletEach player is asked a 'general knowledge' question, working clockwise around the circle of contestants.
bulletThe goal in a round is for the team to answer enough questions correctly to reach the money target within the time limit.
bulletEach round ends when our players run out of time or they reach the money target for that round.

How do you build a chain?
bulletImagine that every correct answer is another link on the chain.
bulletAND, each new correct answer greatly increases the value of the chain.
bulletIf you get a question wrong you break the chain.
bulletIf you break the chain, your team loses the entire value of the chain, and your team must start building a new chain, starting at zero.
bulletBut if you say the word "BANK" before your question is asked, the money is safe and you start a brand new chain, from zero.
bulletThe value of each question rises as the team turns in consecutive correct answers.
bulletThere are eight players, so the fastest way to reach that target is to create a chain of eight correct answers.
bulletOR, you can hit the target by stringing together several smaller chains.


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