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showcase-1.jpg (13774 bytes) In the final part of The Price is Right, the showcases, two contestants bid on two different showcases.  The top winner going into the showcase stands at the right podium, and has the option of bidding on it, or passing it to the runner-up, for them to bid on.  Regardless of who gets to bid on which showcase, if you bid closer on your own showcase without going over, you win your showcase.  However, there's a wrinkle in it all.  IF you are the winner, and IF you come within $250 (formerly $100) of the actual retail price of your own showcase, you will win both showcases!  How would that be coming home from California and showing your mother your TWO showcases worth of prizes, plus what you won in contestants' row, and your pricing game?  I'd say that would be pretty darn impressive, if you ask me.

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