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wheel-1.jpg (15252 bytes) In the Showcase Showdown, contestants spin "the big wheel" to try to get $1.00 in one spin or a combination of two spins.  The closest person to $1.00 without going over gets to be in the showcase at the end of the show.  If you get $1.00, you get $1,000 and a bonus spin.  On the bonus spin, you have to get it all the way around, or it doesn't count and you don't get to spin again.  If the wheel lands on one of the green sections on the wheel ($0.15 and $0.05), you get an wheel-2.jpg (14472 bytes)additional $5,000.  If the wheel lands on $1.00 in the bonus spin, you get an additional $10,000, giving you a total of $11,000.

The rule for getting the wheel all the way around also applies for outside of the bonus spin, except for that you do get to spin around.  However, if you don't get the wheel all the way around, the audience will boo you.

If there is a tie on the Showcase Showdown, there is a spinoff.    In that case, both contestants go wheel-3.jpg (17075 bytes)back, and spin again.  Each contestant then gets one spin and whoever gets the higher amount gets to be in the showcase.

When spinning the wheel, contestants are ordered by the amount that they won.  The person who won the least spins first, and the top winner spins last.

At the end of the first showcase showdown, Rod tells how to see The Price is Right in person.  At the beginning of the first showcase wheel-4.jpg (16194 bytes)showdown, Rod tells us what "some members of the studio audience" will receive.  At the beginning of the second showcase showdown, we are informed of what the contestants who did not appear on stage will receive.  By this information, take a guess as to whether the showcase showdown that you saw on the video on this site was the first or the second showcase showdown.

Sometimes, though, interesting things happen during the showcase showdown, like a time that the lights went out, or the time that the "big win" sound effects played while the wheel was spinning.

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