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Assorted Pictures

Here's some interesting pictures of The Price is Right for your viewing pleasure.

mic.jpg (15708 bytes)

Janice hands Bob his microphone.

audience-1.jpg (17578 bytes)  audience-2.jpg (16800 bytes)

And here's the audience on The Price is Right sitting in the seats of Studio 33!

barker-president.jpg (13738 bytes)

"Bob Barker for President".  Nice thought, but Bob's reaction was that he liked it, but if nominated he would not accept, and if elected he would not serve.

cash.jpg (12549 bytes)

That's right!  This showcase offers CASH!

picture.jpg (13890 bytes)

Chantel is showing off an excellent drawing of Bob Barker.

bow-1.jpg (12405 bytes)  bow-2.jpg (12001 bytes)

A contestant is so thrilled about being up on stage with Bob Barker that she bows down to him.

What is every Price is Right contestant's most-desired prize?   I believe it's...

car-1.jpg (11519 bytes)

A NEW CAR!  And if that's not enough, how about...

car-2.jpg (11314 bytes)

A NEW CAR!  And if that won't satisfy you, let's open door #3 and reveal to you...

car-3.jpg (11920 bytes)


fingers.jpg (10699 bytes)

And who could forget the show's associate producer, Kathy "Fingers" Greco?

dog.jpg (11103 bytes)

Here's Janice with a dog who needs a home and is up for adoption.

janice-chantel.jpg (12139 bytes)

Janice and Chantel are standing in the bed of this new truck, smiling away.

giant-price-tag.jpg (13015 bytes)

I wonder what game the giant price tag is concealing from us...

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