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Contestants' Row Contestants' Row is the place that all contestants on The Price is Right call home - that is, until they win their way on stage.  It's here that contestants go when they come on down!  It was to this very location that the infamous Yolanda was going when her top gave way.  It was here that Vanna White stayed during the show that she was a contestant on back in 1980.  It was here... well, you get the idea.   But occasionally a contestant gets carried away and goes up on stage.  If this happens, though, Bob gets them to realize what they did, and they go to Contestants' Row.

In Contestants' Row, contestants bid on the items that are up for bids.   item-for-bids.jpg (13157 bytes)In bidding, it begins with the contestant that was last called down, or with the contestant on the far left at the first of the show.  But regardless of who they start with, they always move to the right.  The contestant who bids closest to the actual retail price without going over goes on stage to play a pricing game.  If everyone overbids, they sound a buzzer and erase the bids.  If a contestant is to bid exactly right, then they get a $500 bonus for their perfect bid.

And of course, contestants not appearing on stage will receive some kind of prize.

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