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johnny.jpg (10281 bytes)Over the course of the history of The Price is Right, we have had not one, but in fact two announcers.  The first announcer was Johnny Olson.  He announced for The Price is Right until his death in 1985.  Besides being the announcer on The Price is Right, Johnny Olson announced on a number of game shows, including the 70's version of Match Game.

After Johnny Olson's death in 1985, several interim announcers were used, from the likes of Gene Wood to Johnny Gilbert, while the search for a new announcer went on.  They eventually picked Rod rod-1.jpg (16013 bytes)Roddy, who had begun his announcing career on the television show Soap.  Some of his game show credits prior to The Price is Right include Whew!, Hit Man, and Press Your Luck.  One famous Rod Roddy line from before his Price is Right days began came from the final episode of Hit Man during the contestant plug, where he said, "If you would like to be a contestant on Hit Man, FORGET IT!"

Rod has announced, and has continued to announce The Price is Right since 1986.  Since then, he has called countless contestants to "come on down", and described thousands of prizes.  Also, as announcers go, Rod (as was Johnny Olson before him) does something not often done by an announcer and comes on camera.  Usually, for the last (most of the time) game, we get a good look at Rod and see him announce for the contestant to come on down.

Ever notice the very bright colors on the jackets that Rod wears?   This is because he is also the U.S. Ambassador for Chaing Mai, in Thailand, and he travels there frequently to create his colorful Thai silk wardrobe, featured on The Price Is Right.  Here's some more Rod pics, so you can see these jackets.

rod-2.jpg (17644 bytes)  rod-3.jpg (16342 bytes)

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