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Qualifying for the Show

fastest-finger-3.jpg (16978 bytes)In order to qualify for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, you have to call in to their contestant line.  This was a 900 number call in the original August 1999 run, and became toll-free for the November 1999 run.  This number is currently 1-800-433-8321 for the permanent run.   Also please head to the official site for the show, on ABC's Web site, part of the GO Network.  Here, you can also find the official rules and the most up-to date information on the show.

But... here's the run-down on how it works.  You must be eighteen years or older to qualify, and be using a touch-tone phone.  The first round is on the phone.  To identify yourself, when prompted, you enter in your birth date in MMDDYY form, and then the last four digits of your social security number.  You may call only once per day, between 6:00 PM and 2:00 AM Eastern time.

fastest-finger-4.jpg (16722 bytes)The first round of qualifying is three fastest-finger questions similar to that on the show.   You have ten seconds to answer each of these questions.  If you make a mistake in any of these questions, that's it for you for that particular call.  If you answer all three correctly, though, you qualify for a random drawing of people who have selected your tape date to qualify for the next round.

If you are selected, you and all the other semifinalists compete in a telephone round of more fastest-finger questions.  The lucky people who answer all the questions correctly are then ranked according to how fast they did it.  From this ranking, the top ten are the ones you see in the fastest-finger round(s) on the show, and also two alternates, should something happen to any of the top ten.

Then, of course, from there, you answer the fastest-finger questions that Regis asks you, and if you do it correctly and are the fastest, you're in the "hot seat", fifteen questions away from seven-figure winnings!

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