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A Salute to Game Shows

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Assorted Pictures

$250,000-check.jpg (24773 bytes)

The check for John Carpenter's 250 grand!

ask.jpg (12900 bytes)

"I'd like to ask the audience."

millionaire-1.jpg (15916 bytes)  millionaire-2.jpg (18687 bytes)

More shots of the historic million-dollar moment...

millionaire-3.jpg (13787 bytes)

John's wife is extremely pleased by the result of this game!

A few shots of the Millionaire set...

set-1.jpg (15401 bytes)  set-2.jpg (15323 bytes)

set-3.jpg (12392 bytes)  set-4.jpg (13077 bytes)

set-5.jpg (12573 bytes)

From all sides, as you can see.

federal-holiday.jpg (11993 bytes)

"Which of the following months has no U.S. federal holiday?"
What an appropriate question to ask an IRS employee!

goodbye.jpg (10400 bytes)

Regis and the current occupant of the Hot Seat waving goodbye to all the folks at home.

"Let's play!"

"That would be ba-ba-ba-$468,000..."


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