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Since John Carpenter, three more lucky contestants have taken home a million bucks.  Dan Blonsky was the first of the permanent run of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to win the grand prize.  A while later, Joe Trela took home a million dollars, telling us just what kind of animal spawned the term "computer bug".  On June 13, Bob House became the fourth person in the United States to be a millionaire, as he correctly identified of his four choices, which he narrowed down to two, which person did not have an element named after him.  The answer was Isaac Newton.

With this, the lights flashed, and the confetti began to fall, as Regis once again crowned someone a millionaire.  Bob House's wife, in the "relationship seat", came out onto the stage, and they embraced.  Regis then handed Bob House his check, and they headed off stage, not to be seen again until after the commercial.

This is where Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has improved since John Carpenter became a millionaire.  When John Carpenter won a million dollars, they simply left, and Regis proceeded to introduce the contestants, and then do the fastest-finger question.  Now, after they won the million dollars, and after a commercial break, Regis talks to the victorious contestant!  From Bob House, we found out that he will continue to teach, and that now his son can have all the Nintendo games that he wants.  And his wife will get a new car!  Remember - a million dollars is nothing to be sneezed at.  That kind of money can change a person's life.

A million-dollar winner is always a special occasion.  It's so special because the contestant truly has to work to get there, and it's only been attained a few times.  This is perhaps the secret to the grand prize.  It must be within reach, but not too easy to get.

One interesting thing to notice about Bob House's million-dollar win is the amount of confetti that fell from the ceiling.  A modest amount fell when John Carpenter won a million bucks.  However, when Bob House won, any more confetti, and they might have been buried, so to speak.  Compare for yourself!

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