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fastest-finger-1.jpg (14557 bytes)Fastest-Finger Questions

Fastest-finger questions are the questions that land you in the "hot seat".  They're called Fastest-Finger Questions because you have to be the first person to correctly place four items in order within the allotted time.   Succeed, and you're in the "hot seat", just fifteen questions away from the big million.  An example of a fastest-finger question goes like this:

Put the following Kevin Costner
movies in the order they were
released, starting with the most recent.

A: Bull Durham B: Dances with Wolves
C: Tin Cup D: The Bodyguard

To end up in the "hot seat" with this question, you had to be the first person to get these items in the proper order.   This question was the fastest-finger question immediately following the first million-dollar win.  See if you can get it in the proper order first!  If you can, you may very well be on your way to winning a million dollars!

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