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The Jeopardy! Set

The set of Jeopardy! has changed considerably since Alex Trebek first walked onto the set in 1984.  Originally, the set contained old-set.jpg (12942 bytes)thirty television sets.  Now it contains a video wall.  Originally, the show was taped at KTTV.  Now it's taped in Sony Pictures Studios.

In 1984, Jeopardy! had just started out with Alex Trebek as its host.  The set was a well-done set, with the letters J, E, O, P, A, R, D, Y, and a ! in neon on the back of the set.  Thirty television sets made up the game board.   This set lasted, with various alterations, until 1991.

electronic-1.jpg (13540 bytes)In 1991, on the debut of the new "electronic" Jeopardy! set, Alex announced that this was "the new look of Jeopardy!.  The new set was truly new in its look and its feel.  The JEOPARDY! letters in the back of the set now lit up in red and blue, as well as white now, and there was a grid in the background for most of the set.  This set was also the first time that they used a video wall in place of the separate TV sets for the clues.  In the picture below, you can see some of the letters lit in red on this set.

electronic-2.jpg (11850 bytes)

As an interesting side note, the light-up "Y" from this set found its way to Ebay in the summer of 1999.

sushi-bar.JPG (10909 bytes)In 1994, when Merv Griffin Productions was bought by Sony Pictures, and the production of Jeopardy! moved to Sony Pictures Studios, the set was again redesigned, this time giving us the current "sushi bar" set, as coined by Merv Griffin.  In this set, there's a lot of stone involved, and glass blocks involved in making this set complete.  The colors are darker than previous sets, lending to a "sophisticated" look to the show.  On this set, the big JEOPARDY! lighted letters are replaced by openings of the same shapes in a large door in the back of the set, through which Alex Trebek emerges in the opening of the show.

sushi-bar-2.jpg (11328 bytes)

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