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"From the Sony Pictures Studios... this is Jeopardy!"

"Now entering the studio are today's contestants.  A market analyst from Los Angeles, California, Samuel Donnigan.  A telephone operator from Reston, Virginia, Jean Selman.  And our returning champion, a newspaper editor from Rogers, Arkansas, Robert Logan, whose one-day cash winnings total $5200."

And now, here is the host of Jeopardy!, ALEX TREBEK!"

That's what we hear announcer Johnny Gilbert say every weekday at the beginning of one of America's oldest and most popular question-1.jpg (13564 bytes)quiz shows currently running on television.

Jeopardy! is the quiz show that rocks the boat.  That breaks the rules.  Why, you ask?  Because you do not answer questions on Jeopardy!,   but you question answers.

For example, for the answer, "This Web site was formerly known as 'Egroups'," you would respond with, "What is 'Yahoo Groups'?"

alex-1.jpg (8570 bytes)Jeopardy! has had quite a history behind it, with different hosts, different announcers, different networks, and different sets.  On this site, you can learn about all of this, as well as the present Jeopardy!, how it plays, and how to get to the point where you, yourself could hold the button in your hand that lights your podium, and question that answer for $1,000.

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