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How to play Jeopardy!

jeopardy!-round.jpg (9933 bytes)Jeopardy! is played in three rounds.  The first round is the Jeopardy! round.  In this round questions are worth from $100 to $500.  There is one daily double in this round.

To play, pick a category and a dollar value.  Alex will give you a "clue", and then if you know the answer, "buzz in" and give your response to the clue in the form of a question.  An example of a Jeopardy! clue would be, "James Madison University is located in this southern U.S. city."   The corresponding response would be, "What is Harrisonburg, Virginia?"

In the Daily Double, the only person who can answer is the person who chose the clue with the Daily Double.  In this Daily Double question, you can wager from $5 to as much daily-double.jpg (10171 bytes) as you have.  The clue is given, and you must respond in the form of a question, or you lose the money you have wagered.

At the conclusion of the Jeopardy! round, the show goes to a commercial.  At the conclusion of the commercial break, it's time for the Double Jeopardy! round.  This round is played the same as the Jeopardy! round, with two exceptions.  The first is that the dollar values are doubled, with values ranging from $200 to $1,000.  The second exception is that in Double Jeopardy!, there are two Daily Doubles.

At the end of Double Jeopardy! is Final Jeopardy!.   In order to participate, you must have a positive score.  If you are "in the hole" as far as winnings is concerned, you're history.   The only exception to this is in celebrity shows, where if the celebrity contestant has $0 or is "in the hole", they give them $1,000 to play final Jeopardy! with.  In Final Jeopardy!, the category is given at the end of Double Jeopardy!, before going to commercial.

After the commercial, the clue is given, and contestants must come up with their response.  They have thirty seconds in which to do it, during which the studio lights dim, and the famous "think theme" plays, ending with the well-known drum beats.  After this, the responses and the wagers are revealed (these wagers are made during the commercial).  The person with the most money is crowned champion, and will appear on the next day's show.

On Jeopardy!, the most a person can take away is $283,200.

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