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Host - Alex Trebek

alex-2.jpg (9514 bytes)According to the Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows, Alex Trebek has been Jeopardy!'s perfect host for ten years.  And this is true.   Alex Trebek has been hosting Jeopardy! since 1984, and it's been great!

Before Jeopardy!, though, Alex has hosted many different game shows since coming to the United States from his native Canada.  His first U.S. show was The Wizard of Odds, on NBC in 1973.  Since then he has hosted many other shows, the likes of which are The $128,000 Question, two versions of Battlestars, Classic Concentration, Double Dare (a Goodson-Todman show, not to be confused with the Nickelodeon show of the same name), two versions of High Rollers, Pitfall, a revival of To Tell The Truth, as well as a substitute host on Wheel of Fortune.

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