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If you would like to be a contestant on Jeopardy!, check out this excerpt from the Jeopardy! home page, at www.jeopardy.com...

We hold testing at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City (Los Angeles) California throughout the year. The schedule is posted one month in advance, so if you know, for instance, that you will be in the area in mid-December, we will be able to help you sign up for a test time starting in mid-November.

You may call Luci to schedule an appointment for an audition at (310) 244-5367, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time).

Occasionally, we will hold contestant auditions at various cities throughout the country. To find out where and when these auditions will be, stay tuned to our program and they will be advertised on a "JEOPARDY!" broadcast. You must watch your local station for such an announcement, and we do not keep a mailing list to inform you if a test will be held in your area.

However, most people take the test when they are in Los Angeles on business or on vacation. The tests are extremely difficult, so we do not encourage anyone to come to Los Angeles for the sole purpose of trying out for the show. (We DO NOT conduct tests over the phone!)

The two basic steps to qualify as a contestant are 1) taking a 50 question test, and for those that pass the test, 2) playing of a mock game. The test is videotaped by Alex Trebek and covers a wide range of categories. The mock game follows immediately after the taking of the test. The whole process will take at most an hour and a half. Please be early. Latecomers simply will not be admitted to the test. No exceptions! Only the test-takers will be permitted to enter the test site, guests are not allowed. Dress as you would to appear on the show, and note that no cameras are admitted on the lot.

If you pass the test and play well in the mock game, you are put in the active file for the current tape year. Being put in the active pool does not guarantee that you will be invited to appear on the show.

There is no fee to take the test, but please know that any costs you incur in connection with the test (including but not limited to accommodations, meals, transportation) must be at your own expense. We can assume no responsibility in that regard.

You are ineligible if you are under 18 years of age, if you have been on any game show within the past year, or if you have appeared on more than two game shows within the past five years. In addition, no one who has previously appeared on "JEOPARDY!" in its current format (in other words, since Alex Trebek has been hosting) may appear again.

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