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The Set

05.jpg (10184 bytes)Ben Stein's set is very academic-looking, with comedy thrown in here and there.  In the middle is the board with Ben's total on it, as well as the emcee podium.  To the left are the contestants.  And to the right is Jimmy, with the game board.

The set is full of all kinds of academic things.  Behind the contestants is a bookshelf.  Behind Ben is various kinds of diplomas, and academic-looking pictures.   Starting in early 1999, there was even a picture of Richard Nixon, otherwise known as Tricky Dick, Ben Stein's former boss, when he was a speechwriter for Richard Nixon in the 70's.

20.jpg (15673 bytes)Adding to the academic look of it all is a number of busts placed around the set.  However, the most well-known of all the busts is the one of Ben Stein, up in front of everything.  The letters B and S (for Ben Stein) are usually laying around there, as well as various other bits of stuff.  Also, the bust is always dressed up in SOMETHING for each show.  In the picture at left, though, the bust is actually dressed more tamely than usual.    Usually, there's more to the dressings-up than just a leis, like sunglasses, a fake nose, rainbow wigs, or all of these things together.

But as you can see, there's lots of comedy in the set as well, coming from the way things are done up.  For instance, the skeleton next to Jimmy is sometimes dressed up somehow, and sometimes a simple 07.jpg (13743 bytes)thing like an ottoman and a hat rack can inspire Mr. Stein to extreme comedy ("Can you say game show?").

In the middle of the stage, jutting out in front, is the big Win Ben Stein's Money logo on the floor.  This section doesn't just exist to advertise the name of the show.  Absolutely not.  It also serves as a place for the isolation booths to go for the Best of Ten Test of Knowledge.  Both Ben's and the contestant's isolation booths are rolled up to either side of this section for the Best of Ten for Ben's $5,000.

Here's two more pictures of the set of Win Ben Stein's Money:

04.jpg (16342 bytes)  05.jpg (16396 bytes)

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