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First off, let's take a semi-in-depth look at the show's opening credits:

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"Hello.  I'm Ben Stein."

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"And today, I'm going to make history."

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"I'm putting up $5,000..."

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"...that says I know more than you."

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"So if you're smart enough..."

08.jpg (10993 bytes)

"...fast enough..."

09.jpg (9365 bytes)  10.jpg (10396 bytes)

"...and if you've got the guts..."

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"...can win..."

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"...Ben Stein's Money!"

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Here's Ben making his entrance onto the set of Win Ben Stein's Money.

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"...as I'm putting $5,000 of my money on the line!"

A contestant answered in the form of a question!  We know what that means...

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Ben in his deluxe isolation booth...

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